Covid-19 Update 7/16/21

In our last COVID-19 update we discussed current ocean freight conditions.This week in our COVID-19 update we will help you navigate the current turbulent supply chain.

It goes without saying that demand in many areas across the food industry is much higher that the current supply. With product and labor shortages, this volatility is most likely going to continue into early next year. Despite this, there are a few things we can help you with here at Kuna.

The general theme we have found is that the large multi-national corporations are struggling the most. While smaller, secondary suppliers have been feeling the heat as well, they have been able to handle these fluctuations better. These smaller suppliers typically have a more hands on management team that is working harder with us to find solutions to these supply chain issues. Many larger suppliers rely on their automated systems that unfortunately are having a harder time navigating through this difficult market as well as working with others in the supply chain. 

If you’re noticing new vendors ask your Kuna rep if this is a supply chain issue, or if you are having trouble with an item reach out and see if one of our secondary sources could be more reliable.

Kuna is here to support you and keep you informed during these challenging times. Reach out to your rep for more information regarding packaging or higher margin menu ideas.

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