Covid-19 Update 8/13/21

In our last COVID-19 update we shared some insight from other companies in the industry.This week in our COVID-19 update we will talk a little more about how to navigate the labor shortage.

Over the past few months, we have touched on many angles to the labor shortage and how you can work around some of the issues the industry is facing. While some of these things may be bandaids for temporary problems, it may be time to start looking at more long term solutions for the changing landscape.

Even though labor shortages will get a little better, many people in the industry are preparing to not return to full employment. Despite the Covid pandemic, there are other factors playing a roll in the long term decline of the labor pool. People in the restaurant and hospitality industry will have to face a large shift in the way they do business.

Already we have noticed a lot of places switching to more pre-prepped items. While fresh made in house is the way of the trend, without a full staff to prep your menu, restaurants have been sourcing quality pre-made items to round out their menu. We also see a lot of restaurants cutting hours, trying to keep everything within one shift. Focus on just two of the rushes (ex. lunch and dinner). This not only keeps your staffing down, but also keeps the menu smaller and easier to prepare. 

In the end only you can decided what is ultimately the best move for your business, and Kuna wants to help you see that through. Reach out to your rep for more with any questions and let us know how we can help!

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