Covid-19 Update 9/10/21

In our last COVID-19 update, we looked to some of our customers to give us some insight on how they are handling current conditions. This week in our COVID-19 update, we want to share a little insight on some technology trends.

Business owners know, that no matter the industry, the landscape is always changing. This holds especially true to the food industry. New trends, new dishes, and new technology are popping up and leaving, on a constant basis. That being said, some changes might stick around a little longer than avocado toast or truffle oil. 

One major shift we have seen in the past few years, is the transition to more technology based customer service. While online and virtual customer service have been a staple in other industries for a little while now, the hospitality sector has always preferred a more hands on and personal approach. With the movement already going away from social interaction, COVID pushed it ahead of schedule. 

One of the smaller things making a large impact is QR codes. While the technology has been around for a while, new methods and uses are being tested and implemented due to the growing preference of the population to handle things themselves. Many restaurants have already started using QR codes to display their menu, instead of spending time and money printing. These also give the advantage of being able to change prices or inventory quickly in this turbulent market. 

QR codes also have the potential to help track customers, keep track of rewards, and let customers pay for their order. Many larger chains have already started implementing kiosks at tables for ordering and paying. They have started to see an increase in the amount of customers utilizing them. This implementation has also helped understaffed restaurants run more efficiently. 

While every restaurant is different, and the times are always changing, it would appear QR codes and virtual customer service is here to stay. Here at Kuna we are determined to help you succeed. Talk to your rep to see if our marketing department can help you implement some of these changes. 

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