A Top Food Supplier for Country Clubs in the Midwest

Whether it’s a break at the clubhouse after a round of 18 holes or a relaxing dinner while watching the sunset from the dining room, golfers and country club members across the Midwest enjoy KUNA Foodservice products. As a distributor known for having a diverse array of high-quality food options, we provide everything from gourmet offerings for fine dining as well as quick, on-the-go concession snacks.

KUNA is the largest independent family-owned foodservice distributor in the St Louis area. We take pride in providing service to country clubs and golf courses of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art facility is home to over 7,000 in-stock food and beverage items, along with the 30,000+ items we readily have available. We can even tee up a special order for you so that your needs are always met.

KUNA partners with some of the finest manufacturers in the country, which has led to trusted connections to farmers and businesses throughout the Midwest. These relationships help us provide the freshest ingredients to you, which in turn, allows you to offer a true quality advantage to your customers.

We will always work with your executive chef and food management team to meet certain health and dietary restrictions. We offer many options that are vegan, GMO free, gluten free and dairy free. This helps ensure that you are always prepared with the right food options when your members set down their golf clubs and pull up a chair for a much-needed break or an upscale dining experience.

Golf and country clubs depend on top-of-the-line dining supplies to ensure the member experience shines. KUNA streamlines operations by offering a full line of food service supplies to accommodate virtually every need for day-to-day operations for your kitchen staff or special event caterers. From cleaning solutions to help sanitize surfaces from COVID-19 and other airborne bacteria to kitchen essentials including tables and cutlery, we offer an extensive selection of supplies to best serve your country club members.

From our home just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, we deliver food products, dining room essentials and kitchen equipment to regions in 15 states. Our KUNA team will establish a safe and timely delivery schedule based on your needs, schedule and bottom line. This ensures your clubhouse and dining room are always ready with the food service essentials you staff needs.

With over 100 years of experience, KUNA has developed extensive knowledge of how to best serve country clubs and golf courses across the Midwest. As a trusted food supplier for country clubs, we understand the importance of fresh ingredients and high-quality food products. Country club members expect the best, and that is why KUNA is dedicated to driving home the highest level of quality and service.

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