Hautly & KUNA: Two St. Louis Traditions Come Together

Since January 2019, KUNA Foodservice has been the exclusive distributor for Hautly products across the Midwest.

Hautly is a strong brand in the St. Louis market, producing high-quality products. KUNA carries on the traditions of the brand that Alan Hautly of Hautly Cheese continued for 85 years while growing its presence to markets in our region.

Since 1934, Hautly has worked with cheesemakers around the country to produce the finest products. For the growing family, the holiday dinner, or just the perfect Mac & Cheese, Hautly provides what families and restaurants are looking for. Now under the KUNA family name, Hautly is still focused on natural products and responsible dairy farming, striving to make quality and affordable products.

In 2020, Kuna expanded the Hautly brand to includes quality deli meats. Taking the same care and standards of our cheese, we sought local producers to carry out our Old World Provisions line. 

KUNA has been servicing the St. Louis market and the Midwest for over 100 years. Being local and supporting locally produced products is at the core of our business model. We are proud to carry on the Hautly name throughout the grocery industry and to introduce the brand to the foodservice market.

Hautly can currently be found at local grocery stores and convenience stores around the St. Louis area, and will continue to expand to stores throughout the Midwest.

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