Serving Hotels with the Finest in Hospitality Food Supplies

Making guests feel at home is your specialty. Making sure you have what you need to serve your guests is ours. Having the right hotel food service and supplies is an essential element to your overnight guests. Whether it’s fine dining in a hotel restaurant, drinks by the pool, or room service, your guests are happy when they receive quality products and the finest food service.

KUNA Foodservice is the largest independent, family-owned distributor in the St Louis area. We provide food products and restaurant supplies to businesses in the hospitality industry across the Midwest.

Every day our refrigerated trucks deliver food products, restaurant equipment and kitchen essentials to regions in 15 states. We offer over 7,000 in-stock food products, along with 30,000+ items we readily have available. From something as small as condiments or smallwares to providing bulk food products for multiple hotel locations, the KUNA team will make sure you needs are always met.

Besides offering some of the top brands from across the United States, we ensure the freshness of each of these products so that we are always delivering the highest-quality food possible. With the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, now more than ever, food safety is essential in the hospitality industry. Quality products has always been of the utmost importance to how we operate, which is why we take every precaution in the handling, storing and shipping of hospitality food supplies.

Additionally, we have a chemical division to provide environmental and dependable cleaning solutions, kitchen equipment and janitorial essentials. KUNA Chem offers a variety of cleaning supplies for dinnerware and cutlery, tabletop surfaces, and dispensers for soap and disinfectants. Our goal is to help you prevent the spread of allergens and germs through trusted hotel and restaurant supplies.

Our expert staff will work with your food service management team to meet certain health and dietary restrictions. We offer many options that are vegan, GMO free, gluten free and dairy free. This helps ensure that you are always prepared with food options to best serve your guests.

From our home just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, we deliver a wide variety of items in a safe and timely manner based on our customers’ needs and schedules. Because of our 100+ years of experience and our commitment to service and quality food products, the hospitality industry trusts and counts on KUNA Foodservice.

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