A Custom Restaurant Marketing Plan to Reach Your Goals

KUNA provides a comprehensive marketing and advertising program for our customers. Built around the simple goal to grow our partnerships with those who turn to us as their trusted food distributor, KUNA Cares provides promotional services through social media, assists in print advertising, manages your website and Google Ad account, and so much more.

After we have an initial review of your goals and challenges, our team creates a restaurant marketing plan based on your business goals. From driving new customers to developing loyalty programs to expanding your customer base online, our team is experienced in assisting restaurant owners and local businesses of all sizes. This results in a partnership in the truest sense of the word.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Word-of-mouth and online reviews can only go so far. It’s essential to utilize restaurant marketing strategies to stand out in the restaurant industry. Digital and social media marketing offers many opportunities for restaurant owners to grow their business. Social media platforms including Facebook ads allow you to target foodies online in your specific area. Additionally, Google ads can incorporate SEO terms (Search Engine Optimization) so that you can rank higher on Google and Yelp when potential customers type in related terms into search engines.

To stay in front of new customers and your target audience, KUNA can help you create effective email newsletters and loyalty programs to encourage repeat business for loyal customers. Email marketing is a proven restaurant strategy to help communicate new menu items, delivery service and so much more. Digital marketing is made easy when you have our team helping you with everything from strategy to design to delivery of your marketing plan. These are just a couple ways that KUNA can create effective digital marketing efforts for our clients.

Radio and Traditional Marketing Efforts

Having great food photos of your menu items is just the start. From there, it’s about using the right words to convey your story and competitive advantages. Our team can help you develop a message for print, billboards, TV and radio. We run weekly ads for customers on radio and feature multiple customers a month with this outlet.  We allow the customer to feature areas of their business they want to showcase such as their menu, location, current specials, and more. The station creates a personalized advertisement promoting the business, guaranteeing more customers.

We have cultivated a large audience that continues to grow. This audience spans even outside of our home in the St. Louis metropolitan area, reaching southern MO and IL. Our audience is growing every day, and it’s these connections and networks that give us an insider knowledge and competitive advantage for our customers. Ultimately, this allow us to help you get more consumers in your door. We are a locally-owned, independent company dedicated to helping restaurant owners succeed.

Our knowledge and experience in helping businesses for over 100 years with food service and restaurant marketing ideas is why restaurants trust KUNA to develop social media campaigns, digital marketing, and traditional restaurant marketing strategies.

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