A Full-Service Solution for Restaurant Cleaning Supplies

Providing customers with a clean and safe dining experience is essential in the food service industry. From sanitized restrooms and kitchens to clean dining rooms that are safe and welcoming, KUNA Chemicals offers a wide variety of cleaning supplies for food service providers.

What happens in the back of a restaurant or commercial kitchen has a direct impact on what happens in the front. Cooking equipment, restaurant cleaning supplies and dishwashing equipment are out of sight for most customers, but not properly cleaning products and equipment can turn into a nightmare for a business.

KUNA Foodservice give restaurants and food service providers one less thing to worry about through KUNA Chemicals. We provide a full-service solution for restaurant cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning. Our exclusive brand of cleaning supplies is designed for stainless steel counters, restrooms, dishwashing, cookware, dining rooms and more.

Not only are our cleaning supplies dependable, but they provide an environmental and sustainable solution for kitchens, dining rooms and restrooms. We ensure our products are safely designed for their specific application while providing a clean solution that can be trusted around kitchen teams and customers.

As a full-service operation, we supply all the equipment, parts, and restroom and restaurant cleaning supplies to keep our trusted partners in sparkling shape. We stock a wide variety of parts for every machine we service, so that you aren’t left waiting on repairs or replacement janitorial or restaurant parts. We lease, sell, and install equipment solutions tailored to specific restaurant and commercial kitchen needs.

Some of the cleaning supplies we offer for food service providers:

  • janitorial equipment
  • dishwashing soap
  • dishwasher supplies
  • restroom cleaners
  • sanitizer dispensers
  • trash cans
  • restaurant cleaning supplies
  • stainless steel cleaners
  • mop buckets
  • safe dining room cleaners
  • fryer cleaners
  • microfiber cloths
  • squeegees
  • hand soap
  • spray bottles
  • paper towels

KUNA Chemical provides peace of mind through our commitment to service. Installation or repairs are always performed on our customers’ schedules. Any hour of any day, we have a friendly team of technicians ready to make on-site repairs to automated restroom or restaurant cleaning supply machines. 

Hundreds of national accounts choose KUNA Chemical as their cleaning product supplier and service agent. KUNA operates right in the heart of the Midwest, providing a level of responsiveness and accountability to regions in 15 states. As the largest, locally owned independent food service distributor in the greater St. Louis region, you can always count on and stay clean with KUNA.


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