Kuna Can Help Your Restaurant Supply St. Louis With Delicious Food

KUNA started as a small family-owned butcher shop in south St. Louis. Families, businesses, and restaurants from all over the St. Louis area turned to our family because of our dedication to the highest-quality cuts of meat and service to our customers. While the products have changed since first opening our doors in 1918, we remain true to the core values launched in our tiny butcher shop.

Now under the third-generation leadership of Dan Bippen, KUNA continues to be a family-owned and operated company supported by a team of friendly faces ready to assist restaurants of all sizes with their food service and food service equipment needs. The heart and soul of our business has always been the restaurants we supply.

Restaurant Supply in St. Louis & Beyond

KUNA is the largest independent family-owned foodservice distributor in the St Louis area. We take pride in providing service to local restaurants, regional chains and national food service providers.

Every day our refrigerated trucks deliver food products, restaurant equipment and kitchen essentials to regions in 15 states. Despite our home just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, we deliver a wide variety of items in a safe and timely manner based on each of our customers’ needs and schedules. Because of our 100+ years of experience and our commitment to service and quality food produces, restaurants happily open their doors to KUNA for restaurant supplies.

Serving Multi-Unit Restaurants and Restaurant Chains

One of the most important elements of running a multi-unit restaurant is the ability to provide consistency for your customers. They expect the same product and quality every time at each location. Because of our buying power and the space within our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to provide large-scale wholesale food products and equipment to meet the demands of multi-unit restaurants. This allows for better consistency and sustained quality over time between multiple locations. Restaurant chains are built upon efficiency and consistent quality, which is why both local and national names turn to KUNA.

Your Single Restaurant Supply Source

Here at KUNA, we strive to provide it all for our customers. You could say we’re a one-stop restaurant supply store right in your neighborhood. From high-quality beef and local produce to a wide assortment of kitchen ingredients and supplies, our extensive selection provides you what you need to best serve your customers.

KUNA facilities were designed from the ground up to provide quality food service products and equipment. Our facilities have separate temperature-controlled zones designed for handling everything from frozen foods to smallwares and cutlery. Incorporating industry-leading technology to provide the most efficient and safe handling of food products, our facility allows us to provide superior service to our customers.

Quality Food Products that Restaurants Count On

KUNA partners with some of the finest manufacturers in the country, making us one of the leading food service distributors in the Midwest. We have established trusted connections to farmers and businesses throughout the Midwest so that we can provide the freshest ingredients to restaurants big and small. This allows you to offer a true quality advantage to your customers. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just give us a holler and we’ll do what we can to meet your needs.

We take pride in providing the finest quality beef from the Midwest. Additionally, we work with the major packers like Tyson IBP, Cargill, Excel Fresh Meats and JBS Swift and smaller high-end processing facilities like Creekstone Farms and DemKota Ranch Beef. Our focus on quality and service is why we source the best products available so we can then deliver the best products to our customers.

Restaurant Equipment, Kitchen Supplies and More

Restaurants depend on top-of-the-line kitchen equipment to best serve their customers. KUNA streamlines restaurant operations by offering a full line of restaurant supplies and cookware to accommodate virtually every need for day-to-day operations. We have access to over 4,200 kitchen supply products, from prep tables to dispensers to tabletops for dining rooms. Whether you run a small local restaurant or multi-unit restaurant, KUNA has the restaurant supply St. Louis business owners are looking for.

Providing quality food and restaurant supplies to people across the Midwest is part of our rich history at KUNA. As an experienced food service distributor with over 100 years of experience, we connect farmers to chefs and restaurants to customers. These relationships are at the heart of every great meal. We’re the KUNA family, and we’re proud to serve restaurants in the Midwest.

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