A School Food Supplier Who Gets an A+ For Quality & Service

At KUNA Foodservice, you will find a wide range of food products that more than make the grade. With over 100 years of experience in the food service industry, our expert team has designed a nutritious menu that meets the needs of USDA and state requirements while serving as delicious school meals. Let our team help you complete your food service program with the right offerings for happy and healthy students.

Long-gone are the days of gross, boring cafeteria food. The National School Lunch Program and school districts across the United States have taken necessary steps over the past decade to improve school food programs and meal programs. This is an initiative we fully support. Students and teachers alike deserve healthy food and nutritious meals that taste great and will provide them the energy they need to get through the school day.

By focusing on locally-sourced products, whole grains and fresh produce, we can help you create a well-rounded child nutrition program. We offer over 7,000 in-stock items, along with the 30,000+ items we readily have available. We can even create special orders so that your needs are always met.

Not only do we have an assortment of nutritious offerings to ensure you have a happy and healthy school, but our food products always stay current and comply with USDA regulations. We bring a level of expertise to the table regarding School Breakfast Programs and Lunch Programs for each school year. Additionally, we take every precaution to ensure that products for school meals aren’t expired or contaminated and meet the highest-quality food standards for a healthy meal.

Schools and daycares of all sizes choose KUNA because of our dedicated service and over 100 years of experience. The success of school food service programs rests heavily on your food distributor providing school cafeterias with healthy food options. KUNA has developed trusted connections over the years to farmers and businesses so that we can provide school districts across the Midwest with the freshest ingredients and highest-quality food products.


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