KUNA and ServSafe Courses Are Dedicated to Food Safety

When we say the KUNA family cares about our customers, we back that claim by offering more than food service distribution to help your business succeed. KUNA has partnered with ServSafe to offer food safety training for businesses in the food service industry.

ServSafe courses are trusted by the National Restaurant Association. With the recent spread of COVID-19, now more than ever, food safety is essential for all workers in food service.

The ServSafe Food Handler Certification program is designed for food handlers and others in the food service industry. Additionally, the ServSafe Manager Certification program is available. ServSafe managers and food handlers walk away from the program with sufficient food safety training to protect the public from foodborne illness and help prevent the spread of allergens and germs throughout the food service space.

Each food safety class includes:

  • In-person ServSafe class
  • Study materials
  • Certification exam
  • ServSafe Certification

In addition to offering classes every other month, KUNA offers services to help set up and assist kitchen and management teams. From safety and educational classes to menu design and marketing, KUNA provides custom solutions designed for restaurants and businesses of all sizes.

Families, businesses, and restaurants from all over the Midwest turn to the KUNA family because of our commitment to the highest-quality products and service to our customers. And while we take great pride in providing these products with a smile, we also care about the health and safety of you and your customers. KUNA offers ServSafe classes throughout the year so that we can continue to provide great meals together.

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