Covid-19 Update 7/2/21

Last week in our COVID-19 update we discussed current ocean freight conditions.This week in our COVID-19 update we will discuss the continuous rising cost of disposables. 

There is a black cloud hanging over the food industry when it comes to disposable products. We have been seeing increases like never before. We want you to know about the struggles manufacturers are having with producing disposables, foam in particular.

Please expect to see large gaps in availability for the foreseeable future. There are alternatives to foam that may be more expensive. At this time it would behoove operators to work with what is available and adjust prices accordingly. 

Below are some tips to deal with disposable related issues and lack of foam availability–

1. Think beyond foam. Other options may be pricier, but it is better to have something on hand when you are in a bind.

2. Be conservative with the use of foam. 

3. Offset packaging costs with a “surcharge” or by adjusting menu prices.

Kuna is here to support you and keep you informed during these challenging times. Reach out to your rep for more information regarding packaging or higher margin menu ideas.

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