Covid-19 Update 9/24/21

In our last COVID-19 update, we discussed how to best utilize social media. This week in our COVID-19 update, we will talk more about the current supply chain and technologies role in its rebuilding.

Since covid, many shortcomings in the global supply chain have been brought to light and some have even widened into more major problems. As businesses struggle to get back on some sort of track, many are also thinking ahead for solutions to minimize these types of issues in the future. 

As companies deploy new solutions, AI (artificial intelligence) is taking center stage in many of these implementations. With AI, companies can make smarter predictions on raw materials, and demand for final products. On top of optimized in-house production, AI also has the added benefit of better connecting other members of the larger global chain. 

Kuna’s purchasing department is currently looking to AI to help increase workflow efficiency between us and producers. The new program would give us more precise forecasting to better increase our service level to all of our clients. 

Despite its science-fiction-like persona, AI is not only helpful but also obtainable on a smaller scale too. Many restaurants are utilizing apps and programs such as square, or 7shifts to help track and predict inventory as well anticipate staffing needs and cost. 

In todays age of technology there are many tools at your disposal. Although they can seem daunting, we here at Kuna want to help you succeed. Talk to your rep to see how we can help get your business running at peak performance.

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