Covid-19 Update 10/1/21

In our last COVID-19 update, we discussed technology’s role in rebuilding the supply chain. This week in our COVID-19 update, we will talk more about some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

With the turbulent supply chain, business has been anything but usual. The constant fluctuations and changes make it harder to maintain consistency and grow your business. That’s why we encourage people to keep an even closer eye on your food cost and make adjustments accordingly. 

Kuna offers a free online tool, Kuna Menu Max, to specifically help track your costs and profit margin. Menu Max automatically displays your Kuna invoices, showing which items have fluctuated in cost beyond 3.5%. It uses your invoice data and your gross sales to calculate your actual and theoretical food cost. You can also input your recipes and the program will calculate how much each of your dishes cost, and track their change automatically as ingredient purchase prices change.

If something is not within your margins, take steps to rectify the issue. Sometimes that means removing the item completely. It doesn’t matter how popular a dish is, if it’s not making you money, its not worth it. Other items might just need an adjustment. Little things like “LTOP upon request,” can really add up to dollars in your pocket. When in doubt look in the trash, if a lot of customers are throwing it away, it probably doesn’t need to be on the plate. 

Here at Kuna we want to help you succeed. Talk to your food rep about Menu Max, and feel free to reach out with any questions on how we can help your bottom dollar. 

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