Covid-19 Update 7/30/21

In our last COVID-19 update we helped you navigate the current turbulent supply chain. This week in our COVID-19 update we discuss pricing your menu for the future. 

With the amount of hyper inflation going on right now, many people are wondering when and if it will go down. While nation wide shortages will go down, the long term labor pool is smaller than what it once was. Places that are succeeding during this time are focused on employee retention.

Employees who enjoy their place of work attract other quality employees. By investing in the staff you have, you can organically grow your crew and business.

A few benefits to offer are
 – Paid Time Off
 – Shorter Hours
 – Rotating Days off
 – Health care

Studies show that employees don’t leave bad jobs but instead leave bad management, so another thing to consider is the culture of your business. By being open with your employees and allowing their input, you can create an environment where employees feel a sense of ownership and investment. You can also find a lot of great ideas from different points of view. Giving your staff the floor can go a long way in showing your appreciation

With all that taken into consideration, employers must also consider the price. Employee retention may incur more cost and your menu pricing will need to reflect the added benefits. While raising prices is never ideal, neither is fighting for quality help in a shrinking labor pool.

Kuna is here to support you and keep you informed during these challenging times. Reach out to your rep for more information regarding menu pricing and ideas.

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