Covid-19 Update 8/3/21

In our last COVID-19 update, we discussed a little more about ways work around the labor shortage. This week in our COVID-19 update, we looked to some of our customers to give us some insight on how they are handling things.

As we previously noted, many experts in the industry are saying that shortages are going to be extending into next year. At the same time, the growing rate of infections, do to the Delta Variant, have consumers once again hesitant on indoor dining. With many restaurants investing in their to-go operations during the start of the pandemic, some restaurants have started using them exclusively again. 

This method has not only helped gain those to-go sales, but also requires less staffing. By having patrons order ahead, and everything being placed in to-go containers, restaurants have been able to work with less wait staff and no dish washer. Some have even kept their dining room open for people to sit with their “to-go” food.

Another benefit we see with this is less stress on your current staff. We have talked in the passed about how employee retention is crucial right now, and making the job easier on your employees certainly helps keep them around. At the same time, we have also seen restaurants adjust their hours. By finding at least one day to close down, employers and employees have felt less pressure from what seems to be a never ending problem.

Here at Kuna we are determined to see you and your business through these challenges. Reach out to your rep with any questions, and let us know how we can help.

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